Pikes Hotel house of rockstar Ibiza
George Michael at Pikes

Pikes Hotel house of rockstar Ibiza

Freddie Mercury, Grace Jones, The Wham (George Michael and Andrew Ridgeley), Julio Iglesias are only a few of the jet set stars that visided Pikes Hotel in Ibiza.

But the real star is Mr Pike, the lover and owner of the “house”.

At Pikes you can sleep in the Julio Iglesias Room or during some of the great party, during the summer,have a drink at the Freddie’s bar.

Was Freddie Mercury, during his stay at Pikes, after knowing about a “Julio Iglesias Room”, he ask to Mister Pike if also him one day he would have a place dedicated to him. Mr Pike did’t thought about too much, and he dedicated to Freddie a Ber-room inside the Pikes House of Rock, where, besides drinking, many other things could happen.


George Michael at Pikes Ibiza durante il videoclip Club Tropicana


Mister Pike the legend of Ibiza Pikes Hotel



Wham – Club Tropicana videoclip at Pikes Ibiza



Freddie Mercury with Mr Pike
DJ Harvey at Pikes Bar