Hotel Feng Shui Ibiza

Hotel Feng Shui Ibiza

Feng Shui has been guiding the Orienters for thousands of years in conceiving the home, not just as a place where they generally fulfill the physiological needs of people but as a place to look after individuals, each with their own inner needs.

In our days the majority of the inhabitants of the earth live and work in buildings; our ancestors, with their purely agricultural or artisan activities, lived a lot more time in the open air and for this reason many disturbances did not occur.

In ancient times, the Chinese chose the places to build buildings and houses, according to the study of the symmetries of the surrounding environment. Some Chinese scientists, some millennia ago, supported the influence of the Earth’s magnetic field on the individual energy field (in fact, our blood contains iron) and so they sowed according to the climate of the seasons, and also in the building applied the art of FENG SHUI , or a system to create harmonious environments, able to bring serenity, prosperity and good health.

Modern houses have ever lower attics, few windows, the rooms are small, the buildings are the same with paint that instead of generating happiness stimulate aggression.

The Greeks and the Latins grazed and slept the flocks for a year on the land where they wanted to build.
The experts in Feng Shui more and more often, are called to collaborate in the design of large industries, companies, banks, hotels or multinational companies with the aim of generating positive reactions in the relationships between the company and the customers, between the employer and the collaborators, among the collaborators.


In fact, it has been ascertained that the appropriate use of colors, directions, lighting, furnishings and accessories can activate socialization and productivity, increase the company’s credibility, inspire mutual feelings of trust and make the stay in the workplace pleasant.

The environment in which we are immersed sends us a huge amount of messages that we are not always able to decrypt.



you can find rooms designed according to the principles of Feng Shui philosophy  

The environment influences the physical and mental energetic balance, so at the Aguas de Ibiza hotel all the architectural elements and furniture are arranged in search of the harmony of space. The roof shell is a feature of our rooms. According to Feng Shui, a shell over the bed eliminates bad energy.

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More About Feng Shui

Especially in dealing with new situations it can happen to experience surprise sensations that we can not give a reasonable explanation. Even when we are faced with a new face or we enter for the first time in an environment something similar can happen.

It means that the heart is trying to transmit confidential messages that no other human being would be able to capture because they spring from their own personality and from the mood of the moment.

The very first impression is decisive because it is not the result of reasoning but derives from a movement of the soul, it is the expression of the precious heritage inherent in human beings, a sensitivity that can be more or less marked and that we can define: innate instinct .

Exercising in empowering our instincts helps us to read in our heart those suggestions that in most cases prove to be precious for our well-being and which could prove to be very useful even when used towards people. At the same time, instinct defends us from the cold return of reason that tries to drive our every choice of life.
However, reason does not always conflict with the soul but can be supportive.

Feng Shui is one of the most fascinating systems produced by man to guarantee the symbolic congruence of physical space to one’s own state of mind.


Very often the indications dictated by modern Bio-architecture seem to overlap with those that come from Feng Shui. The latter teaches to use the heart instead of the brain and to make love prevail rather than interest: it is a philosophy of life, which puts the essence of man at the center. The heart encourages the soul towards a three-dimensional exploration of the world in order to understand its essence, teaches us to enter into the events of life, allows us to feel, think and see life from a new angle.

In reality it is a common feeling that once was the collective heritage of humanity, a transversal concept of living that has been totally shelved, in the last fifty years, to leave ample space for the reasons of personal interest.

In ancient times life took place in communion with the neighbors, a habit that has now definitively disappeared, leaving serious signs that are released into malaise.

Today the need to return to the housing criteria of a time when houses were built according to people and not only to satisfy economic interests.

The Western construction system has lost many important and fundamental points for the life of the individual, just think that on the maps of the new Regulatory Plans are no longer indicated the cardinal points because they are now considered useless by the designers, who instead represent according to the oriental disciplines a fundamental condition in the art of building.

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For some time now the house is no longer a safe place, the buildings are built in a very short time, to reduce energy consumption and manpower. Synthetic thermoacoustic insulation materials are used to deeply alter the characteristics of the microclimate, enhancing and distorting the electromagnetic field in the home, thus altering the vital biological rhythms, raising the threshold of chemical and magnetic pollution in closed rooms , creating an air more polluted than that of the exterior.
The profound changes that have taken place inside homes built with neglect of some studies and without following some “RULES”, with consequent micro-pollution, cause disorders such as fatigue, nervousness, depression, insomnia, little resistance to stress, listlessness and a greater sensitivity to infections , a framework universally known as ‘Malate House Syndrome’.

From this arises the need to re-evaluate, research and correct, making as much as possible those changes to arrive at a more healthy and natural microenvironment, able to restore a healthier and more serene and harmonious life.

Feng Shui invites us to improve the quality of life by modifying evaluation criteria. The new needs do not consist in desiring a better office, a piece of furniture other than the one we own or a more modern refrigerator, but they are spiritual.

Knowing how to live in the house we love, built with ecological materials, with systems that do not interfere with our health and protect us from external interference, makes us feel good. Just as we are well when we know we have the house clean and tidy.

Sleeping in your favorite bed, in the room where we can recharge with new energy, furnished with colors suited to our temperament, soothes us to the point of making the quality of our life better.

Recent studies on unconscious behaviors, say that if we cuddle at home, if we learn to respect ourselves, if we love each other we can face the outside world with greater determination.
Happiness means living in harmony with the people we love, surrounded by the things we like regardless of their intrinsic value, in a place created in our image and likeness.An orderly and well maintained office increases the self-esteem of the people who stay there and increases customer confidence.

In a house or in an office where the awareness of living in harmony with nature is breathed, people more easily reach the inner serenity that is the presupposition of psycho-physical well-being.



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