Best tips to live a real original Ibiza: drinks, food, beach, market

Ancient history in Ibiza

Can you imagine experiencing a piece of ancient history near a beautiful beach? Well, you can do it in Ibiza, specifically in the cove of Sa Caleta at the beach…

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Ibiza: traditional and legendary

The arrival of travellers from all over the world and the cultural crossroads that the island represents today have not weakened its traditions but rather have served to strengthen and…

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Ibiza: world heritage site

The capital of the island is situated in the municipality of Ibiza with its impressive walled centre which was named World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1999. This international distinction…

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Food in Ibiza, exquisite gastronomy

The greatest pleasure that exists for the Ibicencos is the enjoyment of food. They feel genuine devotion to fresh and natural products and, in earlier times it was impossible to…

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Ibiza, cosmopolitan and in the vanguard
Woman wearing a bikini in a swimming pool holding a colorful cocktail with an umbrella and straw.

Ibiza, cosmopolitan and in the vanguard

Ibiza is famous for its markets, its craftworks and its cosmopolitan and multicultural character. The markets of Ibiza attract those who are curious and celebrities from all over the world…

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Ibiza Spirit Festival

Saturday 29 April at Atzaro All people of Ibiza together in a great spiritual event where share joy friendship and emotion. Workshops, ceremonies, music, yoga, meditations, creative dance, tantra, therapies,…

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Wedding on the beach in Ibiza

BEST WEDDING EXPERIENCE In Ibiza you can have the extraordinary experience to go married on the beach, maybe with your feet on the sand and the sea breeze will caress…

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Ibiza the europe Isla
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Ibiza the europe Isla

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Ibiza is one of the most beautiful islands in Europe, and it certainly is the liveliest one. Every year more than 4 million visitors come to the island, which has…

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